Musician who happens to play guitar

A brief history and how it happened

My name is Harry Michels and I enjoy playing guitar and decided it was time to share music I have written. 

I started playing guitar in my teens and grew quite fond of it.  I spent many hours listening to my idols, learning from them, and later sprinkling their influence along with my creativity to create many of the songs here. 

The music is wide ranging, I would hope there would be something here which you really enjoy.   

After playing a short while, I really got into blues, but later studied jazz and theory.  This led me to people like Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and many others. 

Soon after I started playing in bands, playing - Latin, blues, jazz, rock, and more.  I played all over Chicago and got to spend many hours in clubs throughout the area. I teach guitar and enjoy interacting with other musicians. 

I am glad to finally get these songs  published. Many of these songs have been in my head for 20 years or longer, it's nice to see a finished product for others to listen to. I welcome your response regarding these songs and should you desire you can reach me at or through Facebook, hope to hear from you soon.